Offline  Automated Inspection System A-300
Offline  Automated Inspection System A-300

Offline Automated Inspection System A-300

A-300 is an offline AOI equipment for SMT component inspection and chip component inspection. it's equipped with HD digital camera and advanced algorithm, which can precisely and quickly detect SMD components and soldering quality.

3-channel lighting source system

● 3-channel light source system is specially designed for PCBA inspection. RGB multi-angle ring light can reflect the 3D information of solder joint. Professional optic architecture design ensures the evenness of light distribution within each FOV, which reduces the false call rate significantly while ensure to catch the defects.

3-channel lighting source system

SMD Component Detection item :

Missing, Reversed, Shift, Damaged,Skew, Redundant, Foreign material.

SMD Component Detection item

THT Detection

● THT Detection: No solder, Insufficient/Extra solder, Bridge, not welding,no foot,Hole

Offline Automated Inspection System A-300 specification:



Image System

Camera Top 1.2 M pixels Camera
Resolution Standard :15um , optional : 10um
Lighting 3 color ring shape LED(RGB)

Motion System

X/Y Movement AC Servo motor ball screw and linear rail


PC configuration P4 inter dual core 2.5GHz CPU, 8G DDR Memory, 1TB HDD&CD-Rom, 22” display
Power Supply 1P, 220V,50/60Hz , 1KW
Machine Size L1100*D935*H1380mm
Weight 410kg


Operation System Windows 7
Programming CAD file loading, manual teaching
Statistic data function SPC software

PCB Size

Size 50*50-450*360mm
Thickness ≤6.0mm
Clearance Top/Bottom:40/60mm
Clamping Edge >3.0mm

Inspection Catagories

Component Missing,Reversed,Shift,Damaged,Skew ,Redundant,Foreign material
Solder No solder,Insufficient/Extra solder,Bridge,not welding,no foot,Hole
Inspection Component Chip:0201 ( 15um lens) , 01005 ( 10um lens) and above.
Barcode reader 1D or 2D barcode reading by camera

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