Advanced Flexible Mounter  CM-S82

Advanced Flexible Mounter CM-S82

Advanced Flexible Mounter CM-S82 Quick Overview:

CM-S82 Adopt double driven linear motor and the motion centering technique of Gigabit six stage camera, the efficiency of mounting and accuracy is greatly improved, and the bus control technology with the modular cabling makes machine running fast and  stably .

Advanced High Speed Flexible Mounter CM-S82

  Realizes Placement Speed of 20,000 CPH

   Realizes the highest placement speed  of 20000 CPH with 6 spindles as well as optimized pickup/placement motion.

  Placement accuracy correction system

  Chip ±50μm(Cpk ≥1.0)

  The newly upgraded placement accuracy calibration system automatically checks and corrects the pickup point offset, head offset, C/V offset, etc.

  to allow reliable part placement

Placement accuracy correction system
  Reinforced Applicability to Parts and PCBs

●   Applicable to parts from 0402 to □35mm(H15mm)  parts

●   Applicable to Max. 450(L) x 400(W) PCBs   Max .450(L) x 450(W) PCBs .

  Electrically Driven High Speed and High Precision Feeder

●   Equipped with a function to automatically align the pickup position between feeders to improve the simultaneous pickup rate.

●   Able to set various part supply speeds to improve the stability of part supply.

●   Automatic feeding pitch recognition function ※_x0007_ Compatible with  pneumatic feeders.

Electrically Driven High Speed and High Precision Feeder
  Easy-operated Software

Easy-operated Software

Advanced Flexible Mounter CM-S82

  Machine model  


  Vision system

  Standard Equipped with :  Fiducial Camera (300,000 pixel)* 2 pcs.
  Stage vision :Fixed Big component camera(1 million pixel) * 1pcs , Fixed small component camera(300,000 pixel) * 6pcs.

  Number of Spindles

  1 head *6 spindles

  Driving method

  Y axis with double linear motor , X with servo motor ,Z axis with step motor

  Mounting speed

  20000 CPH(Real mounting speed :14500 UPH)

  Component range

  0402˜□35mm    SOP.QFP(H15mm)




  Only Left to right , 900+/-20mm  

  Feeder station

  48 pcs *8mm ,96pcs*8mm is optional  

  Placement accuracy

  ±50µm@µ+3σ/chip,±30µm@µ+3σ/QFP (based on standard chips)

  Power supply/air pressure

  AC 220V /50HZ,  0.5~0.7Mpa



  Machine weight


  Machine size


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