BGA Rework Station BAS-400

BGA Rework Station BAS-400

Safe, precision rework for SMD, BGA, and LED chips.
The versatile BAS400 rework station combines precision, reliability, and affordability in an all-in-one solution for all your rework needs, from complex, densely populated PCBAs to simple LED strips. Yet it remains easy to learn and use, enabling technicians to quickly and confidently master precision alignment, delicate placement, and precise heating control.


For preheating, the bottom hot air heater is surrounded by 1500W “Rapid IR” underheater. This 260mm x 220 mm IR preheater gently raises the temperature of the PC or LED substrate to prevent warpage and reduce stress on the components and solder joints adjacent to the rework site. The infrared heaters are fully enclosed in a glass-shielded compartment that quickly dissipates heat and prevents debris from falling into the elements, ensuring operator safety, reduced maintenance, and easy cleaning


PCB positioning is realized by V-shaped slots. Flexible, simple and portable universal fixture can protect PCBs, prevent components along PCB edges from damage and PCBs from deformation, and can adapt to the rework of encapsulated BGAs with various sizes. Maximum PCB size to be held is 380mm x 380mm and the minimum PCB size is 20mm x 20mm.


High-resolution CCD optical visual alignment sytem is used with spectral, amplification, fine-tuning, and auto-focus functions and also equipped with automatic chromatism discrimination and brightness adjuster. Imaging resolution can be adjusted manually amd displayed by 15'' high-definition LCD, thus ensuring a simple, fast and accurate alignment between BGA chips and PCB pads with an alignment accuracy within 0.01-0.02mm


HD touch-screen man-machine interface and PLC controller are used. Three temperature curves can be shown simutaneously. They default temperature curves can be selected randomly or this interface maybe used to modify and create the temperature curves. Temperatures can be precisely controlled within ±1 degree. De-soldering, mounting, or soldering mode can be selected and intelligent automation si also possible


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