BGA Rework Station ENT-300

BGA Rework Station ENT-300

ENT-300 has been developed for small PCB Reworking that optimized for the Min 20*20mm to Max 310*370mm such as mobile phone, navigation. Price competitiveness has increased effectiveness when working with a small PCB by removing the expensive IR heater and the task has been made available.

Independent three-zone temperature control system.JPG

Independent three-zone temperature control system

Upper heating head and mounting head are designed in an integrated way, PCB positioning is realized by V-shaped slots Flexible, simple and portable universal fixture can protect PCBs. Large power fan to cool down the PCB quickly.

Flexible heating head and Led light.JPG

Flexible heating head and Led light

X, Y, and Z Axies is adjustable and quick orientation with perfect positioning and speedily maneuverability.flexible led light for lighting.

Vacuum nozzle.JPG

Vacuum nozzle

The built-in vacuum pump and external vacuum nozzle is able to take BGA chips carefully.

Temperature Controlling.JPG

Temperature Controlling

Equipped with touch panel interface and microcomputer to ensure it work stably and reliably. And it can storage multiple temperature profiling data of users. The temperature profiles will be displayed on the touch screen.

ENT-300 Specification

Total Power


Upper Heating Power


Lower Heating Power

Second zone:1200W, Third zone: IR 2700W

Power Supply

AC 220V±10% 50/60HZ

Overall Dimension


Locating Mode

V-shape card slot, PCB holder can be adjustable by X and Y axes with universal jigs.

Temperature Controlling

K-type thermocouple closed loop control, independent temperature control,precision up to ±3℃

PCB Size

Max 310*370mm, Min 20*20mm

Electrical Material

Microcomputer and Touch screen control

Weight of machine


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