Fully Automatic Screen Printer H610

Fully Automatic Screen Printer H610

H610 with automatic recognition function of machine vision, using high-precision Servo drive system to achieve fast and accuracy alignment .It build in independent cleaning system, the cycle time less than 7s,ensure the high printing quality of solder paste and ultimate product efficiency. It also can print 0.3mm ultra fine pitch pad perfectly .This machine controlled by computer ,with Windows XP user interface and abundant software functions, it can set printing height, squeegee pressure, printing stroke, speed, and stencil automatic cleaning cycle etc. by software .It designed to keep the stability of printing quality, and greatly facilitate to users.

Vision System

Vibrating bowl feeds components automatically.

Vibrating bowl feeds components automatically.

●    Uniform ring light and high brightness coaxial light , equipped with ultra adjustable brightness control, makes all types of fiducial mark well recognizable(including rugged fiducial mark) and is applicable for all type of PCB and surface treatment.

●    CCD can read incomplete or defective fiducial mark.

Challenge evaluation:  Use black pen to cover fiducial mark over 40% ,and see whether CCD can read the fiducial mark ?

Find Fiducial Markautoma

Find Fiducial Markautoma

Matched and Acceptable

Matched and Acceptable

Result: Perfect! softwave can read it without any problem.

Result: Perfect! softwave can read it without any problem.

Stencil Cleaning System

Cleaning System

Cleaning System

●   3 types of under stencil cleaning: dry, wet and vacuum. These 3 modes can be individually selected or combined for using. System allows manual cleaning within its operation menu which shortens cleaning time and improves production efficiency. .

Cleaning Result

Cleaning Result

●   Blocked the opening of stencil by solder paste and choose 2 areas (IC and BGA )to check cleaning result.

Cleaning Result

Cleaning Result

●   Conclusion: blocked holes and IC can be cleaned completely. Customer could set up cleaning module (wet, dry and vacuum modes) depends on difficulty of stencil to improve productivity and ensure cleaning quality .

Precision Mechanical System

I. Top Clamping

I. Top Clamping

●   Top clamping system can ensure PCB flatness before printing, 2 piece tabletting press the edge of the PCB ,twist and warpage would be eliminated.

II. Vacuum Clamping

II. Vacuum Clamping

●   Vacuum clamping is  standard configuration of H610, thin and flex PCB can be clamped by vacuum to ensure the quality of printing . During production , PCB will be supported by magnetic tooling  pins  and vacuum module, this system can hold the PCB  to keep it evenly, this function is useful for  thin, twist and flex PCB.

IV. Machining

IV. Machining

●   Precise instrument, marble checking platform and machining to ensure high printing precision.

V. Programmable print head

V. Programmable print head

●   It is designed to meet the  need of different pressure at the front and rear squeegee and the requirement of squeegee’s leveling stability, to prevent solder paste leakage and squeegee blade with certain flexibility clamping. Squeegee pressure can be independently programmed. This provides a stable leveling of the squeegees for precise solder paste transfer.

Printing Result Comparation

Printing Result Comparation

●   Use same sample to test H610 and other brand to check IC and BGA.

Printing Result Comparation (500X Microscope Inspection)


Other Brand

Solder paste were covered BGA & IC completely Solder paste were shifted on BGA and lacked on IC

Solder paste were covered BGA & IC completely

Solder paste were shifted on BGA and lacked on IC

Conclusion:  Printing result is perfect , no misalignment , shift , solder bridge, lack solder , etc.

Software System

I. Programming Software

I. Programming Software

●   Only 2 pages for programming, easy to operate and changeover

●   Page 1: input PCB’s dimension,  transportation direction and capture mode

●   Page 2: fiducial mark positioning                  Including Operation Journal/Breakdown Record/Breakdown Diagnosis/ Error Analysis/Light Alarm

II. Inspection Software: 2D inspection

II. Inspection Software: 2D inspection

●   2D inspection system immediately detects solder paste deposition defects, such as deviation, lack solder paste, miss solder paste, misalignment , solder bridge, etc to ensure print quality.

Stable Electrical System



●   All electrical parts with labels, customer can find out the problem depends on error message of PC and electrical drawing soon. H610 can detect the fault by red indicating light from I/O cards, bright is normal condition, dark is abnormal

●   Integrated circuit and upgraded movement control card to make operation and maintenance more convenient H610 can modify printing parameter during production process

Stable Electrical System

Stable Electrical System

Key points to get a good printing quality:

The screen printing process is one of the key processes in surface mount technology that controls manufacturing yield, and it's also the  station caused most of the failure in the SMT line. So to choose a right printer, we need to be careful about below points:

1. Vision system : vision system with fiducious camera will determine whether the    stencil & PCB aligned preciously, with small tolerance it will be desaster for final printing result.

2. Stencil cleaning: without a nice cleaning system to keep stencil in sharp, the stable printing performance is unexpected.

3. Precision mechanical system: it's the foundation of a stable machine.

4. Clean & Clear software.

5. Stable electrical system.

In next pages you will get the whole idea about what we did for above key points.

H610 specification :



  Maximum PCB Size   (X x Y)

  610mm x 610mm

  Minimum PCB Size   (X x Y)

  80mm x 80mm

  PCB Thickness


  PCB Warpage

  Max. PCB Diagonal 1%

  Maximum PCB Weight


  Plate Edge Clearance

  Up to 1.5mm

  Maximum Bottom Clearance


  Transport Speed


  Transport Height


  Transport Direction

  Left-Right, Right-Left, Left-Left, Right-Right

  Transmission Mode

   One Stage

  Clamping System

  Patented over the top clamping /side clamping/vacuum nozzle(option)

  Support System

  Magnetic Pin/Support Blocks/Automatic up-down table

  Print Head

   Two independent motorized print heads
  Gas-electric driving head
  Closed-loop print head

  Frame Size

  370mm x 470mm~737 mm x 864 mm

  Squeegee Type  

   Steel/Rubber Squeegee Blade(Angle:45/55/60)

  Squeegee length


  Squeegee height  


  Squeegee thickness

  0.25mm Diamond-like carbon

  Print Mode

  Single or Double Squeegee Printing

  Stencil Snap-off

  0.02 mm - 12 mm

  Print Speed

  6 mm/sec - 200 mm/sec  

  Print Pressure

  0.5kg - 10Kg

  Print Route

  ±320 mm(from central )  

  Imaging Horizon   (FOV)

  10.24mm x 6.4mm

  Adjustment Range

  X,Y:±10.0mm, θ:±2.0°

  Vision System

  Look Up/Down Optics Structure/CCD/Geometry Pattern-match

  Repeat Position Accuracy


  Printing Accuracy


  Cycle Time


  Changeover Time


  Power Supply


  Air Supply

  4~6Kg/cm2, 10.0 Diameter of Tube

  Operating System  

  Windows XP

  Machine Dimensions

  1220mm x 1660mm x 1435mm

  Machine Weight  


Optional  configuration:

●   PCB Vacuum Clamping

●   Stencil (737*737mm)

●    Stencil Frame Adaptor (370*470-737*737mm)



PCB vacuum clamping:
Use bottom vacuum chamber to clamp the PCB during printing

All different types stencil can be used by stencil adaptor, suitable dimension is between 370*470mm to 737*737mm

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