Insertion conveyor MI-3000
Insertion conveyor MI-3000

Insertion conveyor MI-3000

The Insertion conveyor adopt quality motor with speed controller ,guide rail with pin chain and driving mechanism, runs smooth and low noise, equipped with component box,LED light , it is very suitable for through hole assembly line.

Insertion conveyor MI-3000 Features:

1. 3000mm Aluminum conveying guide rail.

2. 40 x 40 mm aluminium profile ,thickness :1.5mm.

3. 35B pin chain(5mm).

4. Equipped with LED light *2 pcs .

5. Equipped with quality 60W conveying motor with speed controller, runs smooth and low noise.

6. Equipped with 2 component box.

7. Equipped with process card bracket.

8. ESD ground socket.

Insertion conveyor MI-3000 Specification:



  Conveying width

  Max 400mm

  Conveying height  


  Conveying direction

  Left to right  

  Conveying speed


  Power supply

  1P 220V50/60HZ

  Overall dimension

  L=3000mm    W=750mm    H=1900mm



Insertion conveyor MI-3000 Option:

1.Manual stop switch button

2.Stopping cylinder with foot pedal *3 set


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