Semi-Automatic Screen Printer SP-400V

Semi-Automatic Screen Printer SP-400V

SP-400 is a high precision semi-automatic solder paste printing machine, printing accuracy can reach +/- 0.5mm. Can print PCB area as 50 x 50 mm to 400 x 400mm, single and double side PCB .PLC and touch screen to control and operate , magnetic pins and vacuum suckers to hold PCB during printing.

Safety Protection

Safety Protection
Equip with light curtain protection sysytem,make the operation more safety.

Motion system

Motion system
Ball linear guide rail and adjustable speed stepper motor to drive , ensure the stability and precision of the printing. Repeat accuracy 

+/- 0.05mm.

Excellent Positioning and Precise adjustment

Excellent Positioning and Precise adjustment

This unit provides superior printing results with precise micrometer screws (X Y R & Level) adjustment of the stencil.Excellent positioning accuracy and unique floating print head to make the solder paste more even.

Combined working table

Combined working table

This unit is equiped with groups of vacuum suck holders and magnetic pins, operator can fix positioning pins based on PCB’s dimension , convenient for changeover, vacuum suck hold PCB during printing to make sure printing result.

Control & Operation system

Control & Operation system

The PLC & touch screen control system makes sure system work more stable, Snap-off speed can be adjusted by production setting based on different PCB and the Function of cleaning stencil alarm remind operator to clean timely.

Perfectly Configuration 

Perfectly Configuration

Use famous brands electrical components  and pneumatic component, like Mitsubishi PLC,Omron intermediate relay, Schneider button switch, AIRODK air cylinder etc.



Different types of squeegee for most applications,you can select between rubber and metal type squeegees in specified sizes.

SP-400V Semi-Automatic Screen Printer Feature

● Fine-pitch printing.

● Unique floating print head design.

● Printing of double-side boards.

● Vacuum table available included.

● Function of cleaning stencil alarm.

 PLC & touch screen control system.

SP-400V - Specifications



 Frame Dimensions


 PCB Thickness


 Max.Printing area


 Printing Accuary


 Adjustment range for printing table

 X axis ±5  Y axis ±5  Angle 2.8°

 Printing table height


 Positioning system

 Support pins, vacuum sucker

 Air requirement


 Power input

 Single-phase 220V 50/60 HZ





 Dimensions: L x W x H (mm)

 836mm*850mm* 1380mm

SP-400V Semi-Automatic Screen Printer Include

SP-400V Configurations (Standard Included):

 ◎ Printing Aare:400*400mm

 ◎ Vacuum Sucker 4pcs

 ◎ Metal squeegees: L260mm / L350mm 2pcs

Free accessories:

 ◎ Free accessories (include with delivery of sp-400V)

 ◎ Steel squeegee , 280mm  1 pair

 ◎ Plastic Tool box  1 PCS

 ◎ Cross screwdriver,LS”(107),  1 PCS

 ◎ Slot-type screwdriver, 6’ ,1 PCS

 ◎ Allen key,1.5-10mm,  1 set

 ◎ Wrench , 10’ , 1 PCS

 ◎ Power cord , 250V 10A , 1 PCS

 ◎ Air pipe , Dia. 10mm,  1 PCS

 ◎ User manual  1 PCS

 ◎ Support Pin: 2mm/8pcs   4mm/8pcs   6mm/8pcs or Specify

Option Squeegee:

◎ Steel/ 140mm/180mm/230mm/260mm/280mm/320mm/350mm

◎ Rubber/ 140mm/180mm/230mm/260mm/280mm/320mm/350mm

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