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Each member of the Epeius series BGA rework stations is an essential tool for BGA rework. Their different configurations can meet the needs of different customer groups; their accurate optical positioning system ensure that component pins are in alignment with the welding pads. Three temperature zones are independently controlled in a fully programmable way. Its K-type thermocouple input ensures accurate thermal analysis. Its CE certification, over-heat alarm, automatic accident power-off system, password protection for temperature parameters, etc. ensure that they can satisfy super-high safety and protection requirements. Years of practice and market feedback make Epeius series rework stations the best one among all the BGA rework equipment.

Model NO. Master-1000
Model NO. BAS-400
Model NO. ENT-300
Model NO. ECO-S550
Model NO. PRO-650
Model NO. PRO-660
Model NO. PRO-880+

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