Intelligent ESD Material Box Stock IM-B120

Intelligent ESD Material Box Stock IM-B120

Intelligent Reel stock system: Real-time monitoring of the operation status of warehouse equipment through automated computer  technology, dynamic processing of logistics business data, realization of task task logic analysis, transportation path analysis, equipment technology, industrial process coordination monitoring, cargo information tracking and management, equipment status Monitoring, user information management, docking with user information system, etc .; collaborative control system to achieve centralized control of logistics equipment, production scheduling, inventory management, data management and other functions.

Intelligent ESD Material Box Stock IM-B120 Specification :





Material specifications

NO1. 7” 8~24mm; NO.2 13” 8-72mm 3.Various types of vacuum packaging 4.Various types of Tray packaging 5. Various types of tubular packaging

ESD Material Box Size


Storage capacity

120 pcs ESD Material Box

Industrial PC

Advantech AIMB-501G2(Intel i5-2400/4G/500GB)

Scanning module

Basler Aca2500-14g + Computar M1620-MPW2

Power supply

3ψ 220V 50Hz

ESD protection

1. All stock location with ESD treatment, surface resistance 106-1011Ω
2. Machine frame grounded, electrical system grounded.

Temperature & humidity monitoring

1. Monitoring range: -40~100℃,Humidity range 0~100%RH
2. For monitoring only, not for close loop controlling
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