1Click SMT Independent dual Z-axis selective soldering machine


Recently, based on the dual pot, we developed an independent dual z-axis control dual pot in FLEX-i2.

There are 5 modes of operation available based on the independent dual Z axis:only solder pot1, only solder pot2, first solder pot 1 then solder pot2, first solder pot2 then solder pot1, solder pot1 and solder pot2 together.

In specific applications, solder pot1 can be selected with large nozzle soldering heat-absorbing large parts, solder pot2 use small nozzle soldering heat-absorbing small parts, so as to achieve both soldering effect and productivity. Also can use same nozzle, dual axis simultaneously solder two same plate, increase productivity. Get maximum flexibility and productivity.

FLEX-i2 is a compact In line selective soldering machine, which is equipped with high precision servo control system, jet valve, live-on camera, upper preheating etc, which can provide a high flexibility and efficiency soldering process. The maximum soldering size can reach 420mm*490mm.