L331 Automatic Soldering Robot
L331 Automatic Soldering Robot

L331 Automatic Soldering Robot

L331 Automatic Soldering Robot Features:

1. Advanced industrial design, beautiful shape, solid  structure break traditional framework, which is more reasonable and practical.
2. X,Y,Z,R,and soldering wire feeding motion system are all controlled by one combined 5 axis motion control card ,so it can integrate all the functions into one software like programming , soldering time setting ,solder wire feeding length setting .it makes machine running more stable and easy to operate.

3. X,Y,Z,R axis adopt quality step motor with it's contorl system, make machine run smoothly and precisely .

4. It is equipped with automatic soldering tip cleaning device ,which can improve soldering quality and prolong lifetime of soldering tip.

5. L331 is equipped with teach panel for programming , makes programming very easy   .

6.150W heating system has rapid temperature recovery time . soldering tip can be easliy changed with lower cost .

7.Self-developed advanced software, fool-style programming with wireless controller like play game , all parameters can be set  in one  program, solder wire feeding quantity, soldering time etc ,very easy to use.
8. Various soldering tips can meet different process requirement. customized solering tips is also available.

L331 Automatic Soldering Robot specification :




  X/Y/Z/R/wire feeder

  Machine travel(X/Y/Z/R)

  Platform : 260*300*80mm*360˚

  Max running speed(X/Y/Z)


  Repeat positioning accuracy


  Plateform load


  Temperature Range


  Temperature control accuracy

  ±2℃ (no air flow, no load)

  Min Solder wire feeding length


  Solder wire feeder

  standard 0.8mm-1.2mm feeder

  Programming method

  Teach panel

  Program storage capability

  99 groups program

  Power supply

  single-phase: AC 220V f : 50HZ

  Air pressure


  Work environment


  Machine size(mm)




L331 Automatic Soldering Robot Standard configuration :

Standard configuration:

◎ Automatic Soldring Robot.

◎ X,Y,Z,R and wire feeding  driving system.

◎ 0.8-1.2mm solder wire feeder

◎ 150W heating system.

◎ Teach panel.

◎ Soldering tip *3 pcs
◎  1 year parts warranty

Optional configuration:  

◎ Customized  fixture.

◎ 150W Soldering tip

◎ 150W Heater


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