SelMate4 Series Nitrogen Generating System
SelMate4 Series Nitrogen Generating System

SelMate4 Series Nitrogen Generating System

Pressure Swing Adsorption Principles:Pressure Swing Adsorption(PSA) is a form of advanced air separation technique that uses high quality Carbon Molecular Sieve(CMS) and pressure swing adsorption principles to produce high purity nitrogen gas The PSA technique is based on the fact that CMS adsorption rate for nitrogen and oxygen molecules are different. Oxygen molecules have smaller did -meters and can be easily adsorbed by the CMS while the nitrogen molecules can hardly pass through the CMS due to their larger diameter and much slower diffusion rate.

SelMate4 Series Nitrogen Generating System Features

1.Patented modular design.

2.Multi-tube structure efficiently prevents movement of Carbon Molecular Sieve(CMS),Attrition is kept to a minimum,thereby prolonging the life span of the CMS.

3.N2 purity could reach as high as 99.99%.

4.Every adsorption tower is installed with an advanced control system. Also, our special 1Click design controls the air flow to enhance the efficiency of the generator system.

5.Ultra-frequency vibration filling technique enables closer and tighter packing of Carbon Molecular Sieve, to minimise movement.

6.1Click modular independent structure and multiple operation modes make a flexible gas supply system.

SelMate4 Series Nitrogen Generating System Specification


Flow rate (Nm3/hr.) & Purity (% )

Dimensions(mm) Weight (KG) Receiver Input air flowrate (Nm3/hr.)
99.99 L W H required (Liters)



800 460 1400 160 100 24



1050 650 1950 550 300 46



1220 650 1950 650 300 72



1520 700 1950 850 300 120

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