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Magnetic Stripe Navigation AGV ZBX-200BF

Magnetic Stripe Navigation AGV ZBX-200BF

The Max load capacity of this automatic guide vehicle is 200kg. After loading the materials by hand or industrial robot, the AGV can automatically drive to the feeding point entire transport process bar and the location setting. The entire transport process needn't human intervention. The operation is simple and the AGV doesn't conflicts with other units in logistics system.

AGV battery system

The basic information

The basic information

1.  Brand: CHILWEE

2.  Specification: 24 v / 24 ah

3.  Materials: high-capacity lead acid (maintenance free) rechargeable battery.

4.  Capacity: 24 ah              

5.  Life time: continuous charge and discharge more than 1000 times (50% charge and discharge)



1. Battery compartment is well ventilated.

2. Charge and discharge process environment temperature is maintained at -15°C ~ 50°C

3. Avoid other heating units near the battery installation site.

4. Place the battery at the lowest point of the machine or on the rack to prevent unnecessary battery temperature increase

5. Avoid terminal short circuit;

6. Do not be exposed to open flames;

7. Storage battery cool and dry position;

8. If the battery is stored for a long period of time, charge and discharge it once every 6 months.

AGV Charging System:

AGV automatic charger

AGV security system:

AGV security system

AGV Magnetic Strip Guide Accessories:

AGV Magnetic Strip Guide Accessories

Magnetic Stripe Navigation AGV ZBX-200BF  Specification:





  Model and guide mode.

  ZBX-200BF, Backpacking AGV, magnetic stripe guidance, RFID landmark positioning.


  self weight



  Walking direction

  Forward, linear regression, left and right steering, large range of steering function.


  Drive way

  Two rounds of differential drive.


  Drive motor

  Dc brushless servo motor.  


  Automatic track search

  Search scope: AGV center as the dot, the radius of 200 mm, 90° rotating area


  Moving speed

  3m/min < speed < 25m/min


  Load capacity



  Charging and endurance

  Offline charging, automatic charging optional. Once full charge can run for more than 8 hours


  Climbing ability



  Minimum turning radius




   Linear guidance accuracy: ± 10mm, stop accuracy: ± 10mm.


  battery capacity

  DC24V, 33AH


  Safety sensing distance

  180° obstacle sensor, detection distance 0-3m adjustable, emergency brake 30±10mm


  Alarm method

  Music alarm


  Safety protection device

  Light sensor obstacle avoidance + mechanical anti-collision + emergency stop button triple insurance.


  Working environment

  Indoor temperature: - 10 ℃ to 50 ℃, relative humidity: 20% ~ 98%  

Magnetic Stripe Navigation AGV ZBX-200BF configuration:

Optional configuration:

1. Communication mode: Wireless communicate.

2. Charging mode: auto-charging.

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