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Bluetooth 8 Channels Reflow Profiler

Bluetooth 8 Channels Reflow Profiler

HC-8 Bluetooth 8 Channel Reflow Profiler is an extremely useful tool for tuning the soldering process of SMT boards. By examining the graphic output of the unit's software, operators can adjust oven parameters to best optimize production and ensure best product quality.

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HC Series profiler uses four k-type thermocouples
HC-8 uses four k-type thermocouples (included) taped to the assembly to obtain 

punctual measurements at various areas on the surface of the board. Recording 

is started and stopped by means of a manual switch.

Thermal Profiler.jpg

Thermal Profiler

Data is downloaded from the recorder to a laptop or desktop PC via Bluetooth 

wireless transmission. Even wireless transmission is interrupted, USB cable can 

be used to read the data.The system's PlotAnalyze thermal profiling software runs

on Windows® XP or later operating systems and manages all communication 

with the recorder. The software also graphically displays temperatures versus time 

on the operator's monitor, Each channel is drawn in a different color. Recorded 

data may be printed or stored on a hard disk for quick recall.

HC-8 Bluetooth 8 Channel Reflow Profiler Feature

● Sandwich-like high thermal insulation.

● Simple and practical operating interface.

● Good, stable and precise measurement.

● Far-distance Bluetooth data transmission.

● Integrated heat preservation box and vehicle.

● Aluminum-alloy housing for fast heat dissipation.

● Excellent workmanship and exquisite appearance.

● CLASS 1 industrial-purpose Bluetooth data transmission.

● Large-capacity anti-explosion Lithium batteries which can eliminate memory effect.

Software functions

● Tolerance curves.

● Data export (to Excel format).

● Report print (optional ranges and items).

● Grid fractionization and curve zoom-in/zoom-out.

● Highest temperature and temperatures at anytime.

● Comparison between two groups of temperature curves.

● Company name, product description and remarks can be entered.

● Temperature sample points’positions and names and PCB schemes.

● Horizontal temperature line, vertical timing line and the time between them.

HC-8 - Specifications


 HC8 Bluetooth 8 Channel


 K type

 Data transmission

 Bluetooth transmission/real time monitoring (Based on transmission status)

 Measurement precision


 Measurement range


 Sampling frequency

 Settable, 0.0625s~15.9375s








 142(L)×84(W) ×21(H)mm (Not including antenna)


 Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/English


 Anti-explosion Lithium battery, 3.2V,800mAH

 Over-heat protection

 Heat resistance of 100℃, 75℃ automatic over-heat protection device

Bluetooth module specifications


20 dBm

 Transmission rate

115200 bps

 Transmission distance

100m (in an open area)

 Output impedance

60 ohm


-90 dBm


2.4 GHz

HC-8 Bluetooth 8 Channel Reflow Profiler Include

HC-8  Configurations (Standard Included):

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