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Offline Selective Soldering Machine  Ant-i2
Offline Selective Soldering Machine  Ant-i2
Offline Selective Soldering Machine  Ant-i2

Offline Selective Soldering Machine Ant-i2

High quality soldering, High production, Low investment !!!

This is Ant-i2.

Machine working concept

Machine working concept:

● PCB is moved by X/Y table with servo motor, Solder pot is moved in Z with servo motor, drop jet flux is moved in Z with aircylinder.

● Standard equip two Drop jet fluxer, bottom preheating, selective solder pot,two wave tunnel & nozzle, two inline N2 heater, auto wave height calibration, live-on camera, Windows 10 English software.



Solder It

Solder it” is windows10 based software. With board scanned picture or Gerber file, “POINT AND CLICK” to “draw and drag” motion path easily, make the initial programming in less than 10 minutes.

Path programming :

Point and Click

“Point and Click”

● to draw path with scanned picture as background, easiest way for path programming.

Solder path editing

Solder path editing:

● Moving speed, Z height, wave height, Dwell time, wave slope speed etc are editable, get max flexibility to fit different type of components on the board. Empth move time, site working time, total cycle time are estimated once path programming finished. Easy for balance production line.

Support Pallet function

Support Pallet function:

● Only need to program one board on pallet, then input X/Y pinch to array the same programming. Also can choose which board no need to solder on the pallet.

Material database system

Material database system :

● Customer can save their flux information, solder information, fluxer nozzle information, solder nozzle information to the database. And when making the programming for board, engineer can choose which material used in this board. So a full programming for board will not only include motion information like path, speed, pasue time, Z height, dwell time, wave, temperature etc, it will also include what flux used, what solder used, which fluxer nozzle and which solder nozzle used. This will be helpful for repeating soldering quality.

Maintenance & replacement assisting function

Maintenance & replacement assisting function:

● we know how important the maintenance for a selective soldering machine. In the software, we list all maintenance job, time taking, comsumable parts life and remain life, etc. It can export to excel list, engineer can check what parts need to replace in next 3 month or 6 months, in this way to they can prepare everything in advance.

Wise assignment

Wise assignment :

● contains every basic feature which are used to prepare machine before starting production,including Auto Home,Sensor and Axis Status,Auto Wave Height Calibration,Auto Solder Fill-up and Navigation for position calibration.

Log function

Log function :

● Can set 3 level different users. All logs will be saved and customer can check who use the machine and what happen.


Flx-DropJet : Standard equipped with drop jet valve from Germanny originally, which can meet dia 2mm flux dot dimension.

Two sets drop jet fluxer: Software can choose to use one of them or use both together (so to fluxing for two same boards at same time, double the production)

One set Titanium: soldering pot, 100% capable for lead free application. With temperature control, solder level alarm function.

Two individual wave tunnels: can choose to use only one of them to solder big board (max ) Or use both together to solder two same boards parallely (max ) and double the production.

Two individual N2 direct heating system is standard equipped, enhance the wetting ability for lead free sodlering.


Sod-ProcMoni: Without open machine's door, operator can see soldering process in real time.


Pre-BPRE: Bottom preheating zone, before soldering PCB will move here to heat up setting time under setting temperature.


Sod-WetNoz: Standard equipped with wet nozzle for customer's universal applicaiton. Can also design solder nozzle according cusotmer's application.

Controlling system

Ant-i2 Specifications




Operating power/Max power


PCB dimension

50x50---350x450mm (when use only one solder nozzle)
50x50---350x215mm (when use two wave nozzles parallely)

Machine dimension

W1260mm x D1640mm X H1895mm

Net weight


Power supply

3PH 380V 50HZ MAX 34A Equip 40A contactor in factory

Air supply

3-5 bars

Exhausting required


Controlling System

Industrial PC


Typical Program Time

10 Minutes

Program method

Draw path in scanned picture of board

Controlling system


PCB Robotic Platform

Axes of Motion

X, Y, Z

Motion Control

Servo motors for X,Y,Z

Position Accuracy

+ / - 0.05mm

Flux Management

Flux Nozzle type

drop jet nozzle made in Germany

Flux nozzle number

2 sets

Flux Capacity


Flux Tank

Constant pressure tank


IR heater


Solder Management

Standard Solder Stations


Solder Pot Capacity

35 kgs

Solder Temperature Control


Heat-Up Time

About 50mins

Solder Pot heater

380 ℃

Solder Pot heater


Solder level alarm


Wave tunnel

two individually

Wave control

servo motor, mechanical pump

Solder Nozzles

Mini Wave Nozzles

Dia 4, 6,8,10,12mm

Customized nozzle


Nozzle Material

Proprietary Alloy

(N2) Inertion Management

N2 heater

Standard Equipped

N2 Temp PID Control Range

0 - 350℃

N2 Consumption per Nozzle

1.5m3/H Total need: 3m3/H (Recommend to connect with Selmate-4 N2 generator)

Required N2 Purity


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