Hot Bar Soldering Machine HBS-4AT

Hot Bar Soldering Machine HBS-4AT

HBS-4AT Hot Bar Soldering Machine use thermode technology that based on repid reflow by pluse heating to effectively solder flexible board on the PCB .Real time display on the touch screen.Can option CCD+displayer can accurate positioning  and  soldering quality check.The Z axis is controlled by a stepper motor and can be preset to soldeing pressure.

Hot Bar Soldering Machine HBS-4AT Features:

1.The heating rate is customized to meet different products.

2.Molybdenum alloy head to ensure temperature stability, fast heating speed and long service life.

3.The level of soldering head is adjustable , to ensure uniform part assembly processing.

4. Digital display to control temperature,easy and clear.

5. In the software with digital pressure meter, can be preset pressure range.The Z axis use precise step motor.Position adjustment is very convenient.

6.The soldering head is made of molybdenum alloy, with fast heating and long life time.

7.It is equipped with precise PID control, phase Angle instead of pulse drive.

8. Little vibration, low noise, no voltage fluctuation.

9.Molybdenum alloy soldering head instead of traditional titanium alloy, heating faster, good coefficient of heat transfer, wear-resisting.

10.The height is controlled by the motor, the z-axis adjustment precision is high, the pressure of soldering tip is even.

11.Optional CCD with camera can assist the alignment pad of the product and observe the effect of soldering.

Hot Bar Soldering Machine HBS-4AT specification :



Soldering platform movement method

manual movement

Way of starting

foot switch

Soldering head size

MAX 60*5mm(Or customized)

Minimum soldering pitch



AC220V±10% 50HZ,2300W

Soldering time

1~99.9s adjustable

Work pressure


Temperature setting

RT ~ 500 ± 5 DEG C

Machine weight


Soldering pressure


Work size

Max 150*150mm

Work environment


Machine Size


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