Pallet Cleaner AQ-601
Pallet Cleaner AQ-601

Pallet Cleaner AQ-601

AQ-601 is mainly developed for the cleaning of Pallet ,condensator , filter , Titanium claw and other surface of electronic, hardware  etc , use  recylable cleaning liquid , it not only can greatly improve the cleaning efficiency , but also be beneficial to environmental protection.

Pallet Cleaner AQ-601 Cleaning process :

Pallet cleaning process:



1. Place pallet to be cleaned, rotate automatically when clean , rinse and dry pallet , 1m diameter cleaning basket, can place a number of tools at one time, to achieve batch cleaning.

2. The whole process of cleaning and drying is about 30 to 40 minutes .


A. High-quality, large-flow electric cleaning pump, high output pressure, high flow rate and good cleaning effect.

B. The durable heating element and the large flow blower ensure the drying effect and improve the drying speed.

 All SUS304 stainless steel liquid pipes

a. All SUS304 stainless steel liquid pipes, no corrosion, no liquid leakage.

b. Cleaning liquid, rinsing water adding and discharging are completely automatic.

c. The cleaning tank and the rinsing tank store the cleaning liquid and the rinsing liquid independently.

well-known brand electrical parts such as Mitsubishi PLC

well-known brand electrical parts such as Mitsubishi PLC, touch screen, frequency converter, Schneider relay, LS contactor, CKD solenoid valve, etc , ensure long service life.

Pallet Cleaner AQ-601 specification :



Clean Basket Size

Diameter 1000mm X200mm(H)mm

Max Product Size

Max 500mm(L) X300mm(W)

Cleanging liquid Tank Capacity

Max 80L

Rinsing liquid Tank Capacity

Max 80L

Cleaning method

Spray rotary cleaning and rinsing

Drying method

Heating air knife drying

Cleaning Time

5~20 Minutes ( Reference )

Rinsing Time

2-3 Minutes ( Reference )

Drying Time

10~20 Minutes ( Reference )

Filtering method

3-level filtering

Level 1, 2 filtering

2um (filter impurities )

Level 3 filtering

5um ( filter Filter flux, rosin, etc.)


3.7KW , heating to 80℃

Electrical pump


Diaphragm pump

1”pneumatic pump for liquid pumping, drainage.

Air Supply

0.5Mpa~ 0.7Mpa , 600l- 800l /min

Power Supply

3Phase 380V 50/60HZ


Max 28KW

Net Weight


Machine Size

1380(L) ×2100mm(W) ×1400mm(H)


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