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X-Ray Counter RL-7000L

X-Ray Counter RL-7000L

The equipment is mainly composed of microfocus X-ray source, large area imaging unit ,mechanical motion mechanism, electrical control system, image processing system, security protection system; Integrating modern nondestructive testing, computer software technology, image acquisition and processing technology, mechanical transmission technology into one system, covering four major technical fields of optical, electro-mechanical and digital image processing.

Access management and real-time radiation monitoring

Access management and real-time radiation monitoring

●   Fingerprint identification to unlock, save employees to enter the password;

●   Real-time monitoring of radiation to ensure safe operation of employees;

The corresponding position of the loading platform to prevent mistake

The corresponding position of the loading platform to prevent mistake

●   Automatic sensing of material  in corresponding position of loading platform;

●   The sensing results are visualized in the software interface;

●   The operator can correct the position deviation in time according to the result of induction;

Material tray automatically out, prevent error for  sticking code

Material tray automatically out, prevent error for  sticking code

●   Detect area: 427*427[mm]

●   Maximum reel size 17“,can detect 7”*4pcs at one time.

●   The current barcode is automatically sensed and printed, and the operator can take and stick it in turn.

Applicable components

Common defect-Electronic semiconductor

DIP soldering height detecting

RL-7000L Software


Running mode can be freely switched

Running mode can be freely switched

●   Low, medium, High, User defined mode can be selected;

●   Different zoom modes can be selected for different types of materials;

●   You can also select a customized mode according to the material type. In this mode, you can set the zoom distance;

Multiple color markers for quick positioning errors

Multiple color markers for quick positioning errors

●   There are six color mark quantity, you can enlarge to view the mark result.

●   Individual SMDS with different color tags represent different count quantities.

●   The results of  can be visualized and analyzed in combination with the results of amplification calibration and counting.

X-Ray Counter RL-7000L Specification


  X-Ray Source

  Type   Enclosed
  Tube volatge   80kV
  Tube current   700μA
  Imaging     Type   FPD
  Detect area     427*427[mm]
  Detecsolderg area (max)   3072*3072[pixel]


  Computer   Industrial PC  
  Display     HD display

  Detect capability

  Reel size     7”-17"  
  Max height   ≤88mm
  Min component   01005
  Detect accuracy   ≥99.9%
  Detect time     7”~17”:<12s/Reel; 7”*4 reel :<13s。


  Software   Software   Self-developed
  Function   Fast positioning   Quickly move to position
  Fast analyzing   Quickly identify image character
  Accurate counting   Realize multi point inspection
  Barcode printing   Automatic printing code
  Whole machine   Whole machine parameter   Machine size   1000(L)*1370(W)*1962(H)mm
  Weight   Approx 1160kg
  Power supply   1P , 220V 50Hz
  Max power   1.1kW
  Radiation leakage dose  <0.5μSv/h
  Warranty   1 year
  Fingerprint identification and real-time radiation monitoring functions
  Support to connect MES/ERP/WMS( Option);
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