Single Side PCB Cleaner Series
Single Side PCB Cleaner Series

Single Side PCB Cleaner Series

This unit can remove glass fiber, dust particles, etc.

on top surface of PCB before solder paste printing, and improve production yield.

Especially suitable for PCB which is mounted extremely small components.

Single Side PCB Cleaner Series Features 

●   Pannasonic PLC Program control.

●   On-line automatic clean.

●   All types of dust can be removed.

●   Adhesive clean roll removes all dust from rolls.

●   Ionizer removes electric static on the PWB.

●   Draw-out design for Easy changing of adhesive rolls.

●   Preset number of PCB & pre-warning counter to purge adhesive rolls.

●   User friendly touch screen control panel.

●   SMEMA compatible.

Single Side PCB Cleaner Series Specification :



  SPC330L   SPC390LL   SPC460XL

  Machine Dimension (L x W x H)

  550 x 650 x 1350 (mm)

  550 x 680 x 1350 (mm)   550 x 780 x 1350 (mm)   550 x 850 x 1350 (mm)



  185kg   220kg   260kg

  PCB length

  50mm - 330mm  

  50mm - 450mm   50mm - 530mm   50mm - 530mm

  PCB width

  50mm - 250mm

  50mm - 330mm   50mm - 390mm   50mm - 460mm

  PCB Thinckness

  0.6mm - 4.5mm

  0.6mm - 4.5mm   0.6mm - 4.5mm   0.6mm - 4.5mm

  Fixed rail to front dimension(A)


  190mm   190mm   190mm

Single Side PCB Cleaner Series Technical Specifications  

●   Transport height: 910mm ±30mm

●   Transfer direction: Left to right

●   Operation side: Front of the machine

●   Fixed rail: Front of the machine

●   Interface: SMEMA

●   Conveyer concept: ESD flat belt

●   Belt speed: 0.5-20m/min adjustable

●   PCB edge support: 3mm

●   Power supply: 230 VAC/50 Hz/1 Ph

●   Power consumption: 150VA max. or specify

●    Air supply: 4-6 bar

●  Air consumption: 2 ltr/min max.

●  Cycle time: ±8 seconds

Double side PCB processing.

Automatic conveyor width adjustment.

Other options available on request.


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