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High-Speed Compact Modular Mounter RS-1

High-Speed Compact Modular Mounter RS-1

As a Chip Mounter, as a Flexible Mounter, as a Balancer. Any item can be produced for smart production.

The new mounter will change the conventional common sense of the ever innovative.

● Class leading speed, up to 42,000 cph

● 0201*~74mm x 74mm / 50mm x 150mm

● Wide component range

● Optimum line balance and highest throughput

● New head design automatically adjusts the centering height based on components placed.

● JUKI's laser centering technology is fast, accurate and reliable for a wide range of parts.

1.Feaure of RS-1

Feature1 : Newly developed "Takumi Head" with changing recognition sensor height

For products with a high number of small chip components, the RS-1 can function as a high speed machine.

For products with a many large or odd-form parts, the RS-1 can run as a general purpose machine. The RS-1 is a true "all-in-one" machine that can handle a very wide range of PCB types in both high speed and flexible roles.


Feature2:Wide component range 0201 (metric) components supported


Feature3: New vision recognition technology

- Component polarity is detected and corrected automatically by the upward looking centering camera (VCS).

- Upside down components Special algorithms can detect components that are upside down and reject them.

- Small component handling Components down to 0201 (metric) are supported with the 10mm field of view camera option.


Feature4: Auto tape advance function

The auto tape advance funciton reduces setup time by using the fiducial camera to advance new tapes to the first full pocket. Available for 8mm tape and components from 0402 (metric) to 3216.


Feature5:Class leading speed, up to 42,000 cph


Feature6:Line Balancer


2.Recognition technology

Image recognition technology

Component shape, lead and ball details are accurately captured using our VCS camera. Component problems such as missing ball detection or bent leads are also detected. A wide variety of com- ponents including BGAs and QFPs and many more are supported.

- Three color illumination

Optimal lighting color is used to accurately center different compo-nent types.

- Wide component range

A wide variety of components, including odd-form parts that require special nozzles, can be centered precisely

- Improved centering speed

A new VCS unit can center up to 4 parts in a single image, reducing centering time by 25% with the 54mm field of view VCS.

The 10mm and 27mm field of view cameras also support high speed centering and multi-imaging or larger components.


JUKI's proprietary laser recognition technology is flexible, accurate and reliable.

A wide component range is available including parts as small as 03015 (metric), PLCCs, SOPs, QFPs and larger parts up to 50mm square. Laser centering is accurate, fast, and is not affected by variations in components such as lead brightness shape.


8 placement nozzles can pick and center on-the-fly for high speed production

Component centering is performed on-the-fly during the movement from the pick to the placement position using a laser unit built onto the head. High speed placement is possible by eliminating travel to a centering camera.


The component check function improves the quality of component placement.

The component check function improves the quality of component placement. Component presence is monitored by the laser from pick to placement, reducing the chance for missing components.


3.High Productivity


4.High Quality

Incorrect component prevention Component Verification System (CVS)

By measuring the resistance, capacitance, or polarity before production starts, the machine can prevent incorrect components from being placed. The new CVS unit can check six components simultaneously, reducing the check and changeover times.


Reduce errors due to solder paste alignment Offset Placement After Solder Screen printing

The OPASS function uses the machine's downward looking camera to check the location of solder paste vs. the pads and corrects the placement accordingly. This function reduces defects caused by misalignment of the paste on the pads.


Coplanarity sensor - checks balls and leads

Prevents placement of defective component by checking lead float of lead component and nick of ball compo-nent. High accurate and high speed coplanarity check will improve the products' reliability.


Proactive maintenance warnings

Dirty laser, low vacuum and upward looking camera condition are all checked prior to production starting to warn the operator of potential problems and prevent defects.


5.other options


High-Speed Compact Modular Mounter RS-1 Features:

● Class leading speed, up to 42,000 cph.

● 0201*~74mm x 74mm / 50mm x 150mm.

● Wide component range.

● Optimum line balance and highest throughput

● New head design automatically adjusts the centering height based on components placed.

● JUKI's laser centering technology is fast, accurate and reliable for a wide range of parts.

Fast Smart Modular Mounter RS-1 - Specification



conveyor specification


150mm conveyor extensions, upstream and downstream

250mm conveyor extensions, upstream and downstream

Board size

minimum 50×50 ㎜
maximum 1 buffer 650×370 ㎜ (Single clamping)
950×370 ㎜ (double clamping) 1,100×370 ㎜ (double clamping) 1,200×370 ㎜ (double clamping)
3 buffers 360×370 ㎜ 500×370 ㎜ 600×370 ㎜

Component height


Component size

0201 *1~□74 ㎜ /50×150 ㎜

Placement speed

Optimum 42,000CPH
IPC 9850 29,000CPH

Placement accuracy


Feeder inputs


Power supply

AC200 ~ 415V *4 . 3-phases

Apparent power


Operation air pressure


Air consumption


Machine dimensions (W×D×H) *3

1,500×1,810×1,440 ㎜

1,800×1,810×1,440 ㎜

2,000×1,810×1,440 ㎜


約 1,700kg

*1 For metric 0201 compliance please contact us.

*2 Using RF feeders.

*3 D dimension does not include the front operation monitor. H dimension does not include signal tower.

*4 Option except 200V.

RS-1 - Options

Recognitions system

10 / 27/ 54 mm view camera

Oparations system

Rear-side operation unit

Inspection function

Coplanarity sensor / Component Verification System(CVS) *5


Line control soft IS-Lite / IFS-NX( Parts verification / Traceability / component inventory control)

Electrical protection

CE compatible specification / Ground-fault interrupter

Force Control

Force control unit / Force control nozzle

Software *5

JaNets / IFS-NX / Flexline CAD

Component handling and feeders

Feeder Trolley (RF feeder only / RF-EF dual servo *6 ) / Electric tape feeder (RF/EF *7 ) /EF feeder adapter *6   / Electric stick feeder *7 (Type-N/Type-W) / Matrix tray server TR8SR , TR5SNX , TR5DNX / Matrix tray changer TR 6SNV , TR6DNV / Dual tray server TR1RB /Nonstop oparation function/ Tray Holder / IC collection belt / Tape reel mounting base ( for RF/ for EF) / Splicing jig / Electric Trolley Power Station PW02 *7


Nozzle /Splicing tape / Big foot / Offset placement after solder screen-printing Solder lighting

*5 Please contact for details.

*6 When EF feeders adapt the an attachment of EF feeder, the EF feeder can use on RF/EF feeder trolley and fixed bank (rear side). Please inquire details.

*7 Separate connection cables for each model are required.

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