Panasonic Pick & Place Machine NPM-D3A

Panasonic Pick & Place Machine NPM-D3A

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Placement Heads.jpg

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NPM-D3A Specification:



  PCB dimensions *1  

  Dual-lane mode   L50mm×W50mm~L510mm×W300mm
  Single-lane mode   L50mm×W50mm~L510mm×W590mm

  PCB exchange time

  Dual-lane mode   0s * *No 0 s when cycle time is 3.6 s or less
  Single-lane mode     3.6s*  *When selecting short conveyors

  Electric source

  3-phase AC 200, 220, 380, 400, 420, 480V 2.7kVA

  Pneumatic source *2  

  0.5MPa、100 L/min(A.N.R.)

  Dimensions *2

  W832mm×D2652mm *3  ×H1444mm *4  


  1680kg (Only for main body:This differs depending on the option configuration.)

Placement head

Lightweight 16-nozzle head V3(Per head)*5

Lightweight 8-nozzle head (Per head)

2-nozzle head (Per head)

High production mode[ON]

High production mode[OFF]

  Max. speed


  38000cph(0.095s chip)   21500cph(0.167s/chip)   5500 cph(0.655s/chip)

  Placement accuracy(Cpk≧1)

  ±37μm/chip   ±30μm/chip(±25μm/chip *6)   ±30μm/chip, ±30μm/QFP 12mm~32mm, ±50μm/QFP 12mm Under   ±30μm/QFP

  Component dimensions (mm)


  03015*7*8/0402chip~L6×W6×T3   0402chip*7~L32×W32×T12   0603chip~L100×W90×T28

  Component supply

  Taping   Tape:4/8/12/16/24/32/44/56mm   Tape:4~56/72/88/104mm
  Max. 68(4、8mm tape、Small reel)
  Stick   ——   Max.16(Single stick feeder)
  Tray   ——   Max.20(per tray feeder)

  *1:Due to a difference in PCB transfer reference, a direct connection with NPM (NM-EJM9B)/ NPM-W (NM-EJM2D) /NPM-W2 (NM-EJM7D)dual lane specs cannot be established.

  *2:Only for main body

  *3 : Dimension D including tray feeder: 2 683 mm: Dimension D including feeder cart: 2 728 mm

  *4 : Excluding the monitor, signal tower and ceiling fan cover.

  *5:Lightweight 16NH V2 is also installable.

  *6:±25 μm placement support option.(Under conditions specified by Panasonic)

  *7:The 03015/0402 mm chip requires a specific nozzle/feeder.

  *8:Support for 03015 mm chip placement is optional.(Under conditions specified by Panasonic:Placement accuracy ±30 μm / chip))



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