Advanced Flexible Mounter CM-S8

Advanced Flexible Mounter CM-S8

Advanced Flexible Mounter CM-S8 Features

  Realizes Placement Speed of 20,000 CPH

  X/Y axis equipped with linear motor ,realizes the highest placement speed of 20000 CPH  with 8 spindles and flying vision.

Realizes Placement Speed of 20,000 CPH.jpg
  Reinforced Applicability to Parts and PCBs

●   Applicable to parts from 0402 to 30mm parts

●   Applicable to Max. 300(L) x 250(W) PCBs

  Standard stage vision

Standard equipped with stage vision for IC inspection, capable to contain 2 IC trays (325 x 135mm)

Standard stage vision.jpg
  Electrically Driven High Speed and High Precision Feeder
Electrically Driven High Precision Feeder.jpg
  Self-developed software simplifies production, easy operating and programming.

Advanced High Speed Flexible Mounter CM-S8 Specifications

  Machine model  


  Vision system

  Standard Equipped with: Fiducial Camera, Flying camera, Stage camera.

  Number of Spindles

  1 head * 8 spindles

  Driving method

  X/Y axis with linear motor Z axis with step motor  

  Mounting speed

  20000 CPH(Real mounting speed :15000 UPH)

  Component range

  0402˜30mm , max component height : 15mm


  Min.50(L)*50(W) , 300(L)*250(W)


  Only Left to right , 900+/-20mm

  Feeder station

  64pcs*8mm feeder station

  Power supply / air pressure

  1P, AC 220V /50HZ,  0.5~0.7Mpa



  Machine weight


  Machine size


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