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Hand-held Screwing Driving Machine SY-S8

Hand-held Screwing Driving Machine SY-S8

No jamming, high efficiency, labor saving; easy to operate, easy to learn and understand; clean, tidy, stable, durable.Can reduce 1 to 2 workers screw lock pay operation, achieve semi-automatic production, reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve productivity.

Mechanism for distributing materials:

Mechanism for distributing materials:

1. Stable material distribution, not easy to jam.

2. Shaped screws jam the material for quick and easy handling.

3. The surface of the sliding workpiece is processed by fine grinding.

Clamshell screw upper pressure mechanism:

Clamshell screw upper pressure mechanism:

1. Simple and convenient adjustment of layering height.

2. Easy and quick handling of defective screws (stuck materials).

Feeder mechanism:

Feeder mechanism:Customized material box, with small clearance, friction surface are made of stainless steel, feeding effect is good, not easy to wear and durable.

Locking assembly (two-stage push screw):

1. The screw feeding is controlled by the switch of the screw driver . After locking a screw, release the button and automatically send the screw to the clamping nozzle. When the electric batch starts the cylinder for the second time, push the screw out of the clamping nozzle to ensure that the clamping nozzle does not touch the workpiece and the stretching distance is adjustable;

2. The screw chuck is made of high-hardness alloy material, which will not catch the design of the screw hole. It is made by wire cutting and sparking process to ensure high precision and high concentricity of the chuck.

3. The screw is very stable when it is pushed out to the batch rod, and the ultra-low stuck material rate;

SY-S8 Hand-held Screwing Driving Machine Specification :




The volume of the screw chamber



Machine Dimensions



Machine weight


Feeding method


Push screw cylinder

Two-stage cylinder push screw

Push the screw twice

Feeding efficiency

0.3s feed 1 pcs

Screw lock efficiency

30-50 pcs / minute

Depending on the length of the screw

Conveying distance

1-4 meter

Depending on screw size and weight

Air source

> 0.5Mpa

Air pump power is greater than 1000W


AC220V 50HZ

Can customize AC110V 50HZ




< 65db

Control system


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