Auto Dip Soldering Machine ADS-3530G

Auto Dip Soldering Machine ADS-3530G

Independent control box equipped with preheat funciton to simulate wave soldering based on ADS-3530 enrich the machine's funciton and make the machine more practical.


The Auto-Dip 3530G includes the standard pin-type PCB holder that allows multi-board processing with easy loading/unloading.


Stainless steel solder pot;Titaniium solder pot is optional.


Pedestal is optional:L600*W750*H677

Control Panel.JPG

Independent, dial-adjustable, speed controls for left and right elevator motors control dipping angle and speed to simulate wave soldering.Multi-day, 24-hr. timer for automatic startup;Digtal timer for setting solder dwell time;Digital PID solder pot temperature controller for lead-free SAC or SnPb solders.Adjustable preheat timer to simulate wave soldering.

PLC Control.JPG

PLC control , CE certificated wiring.


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