Auto Dip Soldering Machine ADS-3530T

Auto Dip Soldering Machine ADS-3530T

Independent control box equipped with PLC 、touch screen ,step motor and it's driving system ,Machine can precisely control the dip soldering speed 、angle and time . electronic assemblers who wish to automate their manual soldering operations, but need features like programmable preheat and positive control of dip height, will find the ADS- 3530T an excellent choice.


The Auto-Dip 3530T includes the standard pin-type PCB holder that allows multi-board processing with easy loading/unloading.

The finger type holder is choosable.JPG

The finger type holder is choosable.


Stainless steel soldering pot

Titaniium solder pot is optional


Pedestal is optional:L600*W750*H677

Control Panel.JPG

Touch-screen control panel and PLC controller •Programmable parameters include preheat time and position, solder time and position, dip angle, lift angle, angle speed, multiple elevator descent and ascent speeds


PLC control ,step motor driving system , CE certificated wiring .

User-freindly interface.jpg

User-freindly interface, easy to operated.

Programmable parameters.jpg

Programmable parameters for precise control.


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