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Lead Free Wave Solder Machine E400

Lead Free Wave Solder Machine E400

E400 is a CE certificated compact Lead Free Wave Solder Machine with inline finger conveyor, stepper driven spraying fluxer, hot air preheat zone & Ti dua wave solder pot.

In-loading system

In-loading system

Which can connect with the insertion conveyor directly, the sensor at bottom for counting and spray fluxer on/off;with ruler and and needle for instruction of width

Conveyor system

Conveyor system

Ti fingers. In this machine the same conveyor rail can accommodate

for both L finger and Hook finger, customer can choose any of them

or mixed them.

Fluxing sysytem

Fluxing sysytem

Air supply to spray flux system, all the air flow pressure is adjustable

by flow pressure meter.

Movement of fluxing system.JPG

Movement of fluxing system

The high quality sprayer driven by stepper motor and rail / slider,

moving speed set on touchscreen, stepper driver and PLC control

system make a smooth and low noisy movement . Compare with

traditional air cylinder drive, the moving speed can be set in

touchscreen and moving speed will not be influented by air pressure

like air cylinder.

Preheating system

Preheating system

1 individual bottom preheating zone,the heaters can be drawn out at

rear of machine, the blowers can be drawn out at bottom of preheat,

very easy for maintenance.

Soldering system

Soldering system

Titanium solder pot made by 3mm thickness pure Ti material.It can be move in/out automatically, with the quick connector for solder pot, it's easy for swap between leaded and lead-free. Italy wave motor will keep the wave stable and long lifetime.

Easy change between leaded and lead free solder pot

Easy change between leaded and lead free solder pot.

Solder pot is equipped with quick connector and trolley, can easy change between leaded and lead free solder pot.

Nitrogen option

Nitrogen option

Optional with N2 feeding system, enhance the solderbility and reduce solder dross generation.

Human interface

Human interface

User-frienly interface is easy to be operated,temperature can be set/

saved/ modified in touchscreen.

Parameter saving

Parameter saving

PLC and touchscreen controlling system which can save more than 50 sets parameters.

Control system

Control system

Touchscreen and PLC for controlling system.



All brand electrical parts , such as Panasonic conveyor motor ,

Mitsubishi breaker , Schneider transducer etc all wiring cetificated

by CE.

SMEMA Connection

SMEMA Connection

Standardly equipped with SMEMA connector for inline production.


Aging before package

Dry partical with safty certification used in machine to avoid moisture,

Vacuming package for long distance shipping,Plywood case and metal

frame for big case.

E400 - Specifications



PCB width


Solder pot capacity


Running power/general power




Net weight


Controlling system

Touchscreen + PLC

Conveyor motor

3Ph 220V ,90W

Conveyor speed


Flux capacity

6.5 liter

Alcohol capacity

4.5 liter

PCB Conveyor direction

Left to right

Spray method

stepper motor drive,linear rail and slider moving sprayer


Japan stainless steel spray nozzle

Preheating zone

1 individual bottom preheating zone

Preheating power


Solder pot material

Fully Ti

Solder pot heater

Cast iron

Heater power


Wave number

dual waves

Wave type

Turbulence first wave and Lambda 2nd wave

Melting time

90 minutes

Solder pot lift up&down


Solder pot in&out


Finger cleaning pump

1PH 220V 10W

Finger type

Dual hook

Finger material


Solder angle


Air supply


Power supply

3PH 380V 50HZ

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