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Motorized PCB Separator Series
Motorized PCB Separator Series
Motorized PCB Separator Series

Motorized PCB Separator Series

Motor-driven MDS-508-500/509-500 separates v-scored PCBs without stress to boards, components or solder joints. it is suited for medium to high-volume production, Cut length is fully programmable; programmed length is displayed on an LED readout.

MDS-508-500/509-500 Motorized PCB Separator Feature

With completely independent development and controlled by micro-computer process, the machine is very accurate and stable.

It can cut a single board within the length from 0 to500mm off with a cut.

The feeding speed is adjustable with 500mm/s and 300mm/s. If the speed is fast enough, the quality is improved for the board is

cut without burrs and rough selvedge.

The feed distance of the knife wheel is from 0 to 500mm(the tool length can be customized ) . The height of the knife wheel is

fine-tuning from 0 to 2mm,so that it is suitable for PCB of various kinds of thickness and the depth of V-CUT groove. The height

of work station is regulable from 0 to 50mm.

The forward and stop point can be set according to the plate length when feeding, the stop point for manual setting.

The tailgate depth range: unlimited. The largest plate cutting width: unlimited,the maximum cutting length: 500mm, the plate

thickness: 0.25-3.5mm. The thickness between V groove: 0.25-2.0mm.

The upper and lower knives is made of imported high-speed steel material,which are durable and can be regrinded.be adjusted


The machine can be in supporting use of a complete set of conveyor belt,which is convenient for the cut PCB to be send out


The platform is adjustable. It is good for the product quality when lifting the platform, because it will reduce stress and will not

hurt the product.

The spacing device applies to products of different size, so as to improve the work efficiency.

Motorized PCB Separator MDS-508,509 Specification


MDS-508(no conveyor) MDS-509(with conveyor)

PCB Thickness

0.6 mm to 3.5 mm

0.6mm to 3.5mm

Suitable Material



V-cut thickness

Max 2.0mm

Max 2.0mm

Maximum Depaneling Length


350 mm

Depaneling Mode



Start mode

Foot Switch

Foot Switch

Minimum component distance from v-groove



Separating Speed



Top component height

Max:30 mm


Bottom component height



Power Supply






Machine Size



Machine Net Weight

45 kg


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