Benchtop Dispensing Machine SD-400i

Benchtop Dispensing Machine SD-400i

Benchtop Dispensing Machine SD-400i adopt high precison servo control system which ensures stable and precise run of machine . it can fit different valve. it's visual system make programming easier and ensures precise dispensing . Standard machine not included valve because customer's different application.

Valve Option :

● China made penumatic jet valve Jet-6000

● Air pressure boosting pump (for penumatic jet valve)

● VERMERS Piezoelectric jet valve

● TECHCON TS5000DMP rotary valve

Software option:

● High precision glue weighing system

● Laser height detecting system

● Bar code reading system

● Offline programming software

Benchtop Dispensing Machine SD-400i Features:

● High precison Panasonic servo motor ,ball screw and it's driving system , ensure stable and precise run of motion system.

● Machine can fit high precision JET valve, min dispensing diameter can reach 0.5mm, and fluid temperature control system ensures stable and consistant dispensing.

● Equipped with high quality Industrial CCD , powerful visual software makes programming easier and accurater.

● Equipped with vacuum cleaning device for jet valve.

● Powerful software has the painting point, straight line, round, rectangular, and other graphical command; Position correction function ,fluid weight control function etc . easy to realize dispensing process of encapsulation ,underfill , dam etc.

● Excellent vision system which can recognize the contour of product to help dispensing on FPC or deformed product.

● Laser height detecting and height correcting system is choosable.

● Industrial PC ,windows operation system , full english interface ,very easy to operate.

Benchtop Dispensing Machine SD-400i specification :



Dispensing scope


Control System

Industrial computer/motion control card

Axis number

X,Y,Z axis

Motion system

Servo motor and ball screws

Max Work Movement Speed

Max 500mm/s

Programming Type

Camera teaching/CAD load

Positioning Accuracy

+/- 0.05mm

Repeatable Accuracy

+/- 0.05mm

CCD visual system

Industrial CCD

Glue weighing system (option)


Power Supply

AC220V 50~60Hz

Total Power


Air Requirement


Overall Size L*W*H


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